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I became an Instagram influencer for a month!

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

This is a sponsored post: thank you to Final Runway for sponsoring this blog post! Use Promo Code: SARALIKESFR15 for 15% off on all clothes on their website.

A couple months ago, I was contacted by an online clothing brand called Final Runway: they offer women's leisure clothing at discounted prices on their website at asked if I would be interested in a promotional partnership for their brand. I picked three pieces from their collection and styled them however I pleased.

What was it like to be an Instagram Influencer?

Let me be clear, I have a small community on Instagram and it's made up almost entirely of friends and family (who are ALWAYS so supportive of what I do). I am NOT an influencer, even though sometimes I like to pretend I am while at wineries. I really didn't have a clue what I was doing but I jumped in. Luckily, I worked almost entirely with a marketing intern (Hi, Richard) who created a schedule for me, gave me feedback on my content, and helped me navigate the intricacies of inviting collaborators on Instagram. I'd like to think that one of the reasons Final Runway reached out to me was because of my wonderful reels and that was definitely my favourite part of creating content for this collaboration.

Final Runway

The clothing on the Final Runway website is all at a fairly low price point with most pieces less than $50 (though I do have my eye on this plaid shacket, $76). Their brand seems to be geared towards a slightly older demographic than mine. However, they have many super versatile pieces. The company is female-led and operated. I asked the President to share a bit about her story and how she got started.

Growing up, my family had a garment factory in Toronto and many Saturdays were spent there. Instead of doing my homework in the back office, I would run around the factory floor bothering the women sewers and helping the cutters lay up fabric. My uncle must have sensed we were kindred spirits and that my love of the craft was baked in from that early age, because right after graduation, before I could explore anything else, he took me under his wing and taught me everything he knew.
I’ve been in the apparel manufacturing industry now for 30 years. In that time, I’ve moved from cutting rooms to showrooms and even a few boardrooms… all the while exploring fabric markets, factories, and fashion shoots around the world and right here at home in Canada. I have come to a point in my career where I have the opportunity to engage, promote, and mentor other women in all areas of this industry. The brands you find at Final Runway are all designed, produced, and marketed by our internal and partner teams comprised of creative and diverse women.

I wanted to try out three different types of items and the first two pieces are currently still available in their store (with links below) but the pants are now sold out.



3. Stud Pants - These are now SOLD OUT


All three pieces are super lightweight and would be great for travelling. I really liked the fit of all three items and asked for a small one in each (just to give you some context of their sizing). I especially love the patchwork blouse! I think it’s such a cool and unique shirt. It’s a bit sheer and my favourite way I paired it was with a black bandeau, black Spanx leggings and black ankle boots; I was really feeling fall in that outfit. I'd be able to wear all three of these pieces at work and transition them to get together with friends. These pants are so comfortable, I would even consider wearing them on a work-from-home day.

Thank you again to Final Runway for this opportunity and for working with me over the past few weeks. You made my influencer dreams come true!

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